Where Not to Park During a Snow Emergency: Boston & Cambridge Tow Zone Map

It’s that time of year in New England.  Snow is coming and people are leaving for warmer weather and university breaks.  To help you know where to (or, rather, where not to) park your car during storms, coUrbanize created a map of Boston and Cambridge tow zone areas during a snow emergency.

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Here are a few friendly tips:

1. Find a parking garage…fast!

During snow emergencies, off-street parking is available at many garages, often at discounted rates for residents (see locations on the map).

2. Get the Alert!

Sign up to receive text or email messages when a snow emergency is declared.

Register in Boston   |   Register in Cambridge

3. Remove snow by the deadline, or face a minimum of $50/day fine!

Property and business owners have limited hours to remove snow and ice before fines apply.

In Boston, you have 3 hours after snowfall ends and 3 hours after sunrise if snow falls overnight.

In Cambridge, you have 12 hours after snow stops falling in the daytime and before 1pm for snowfall during the night.

Don’t Risk the Fate of 1,224 Twin Cities’ Cars

Before you set off for a winter vacation or park the car to hibernate until March, don’t make the mistake of leaving your car in a snow emergency tow zone.

You wouldn’t want to end up like one of the 1,224+ Minnesotan vehicles towed during last week’s snowstorm.

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